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3 Glorious Ski Hills in the Great Northwest

This is my favorite part about skiing. There’s always this moment… It happens when you’re halfway down a run. Suddenly, you’re forced to stop. And not because you fell and broke your tailbone. Nope, you stop because the scenery is absolutely breathtaking—so beautiful it stops you in your tracks. You suck in a lungful of icy air and whisper on the exhale of a breath, “Wow.” Continue reading 3 Glorious Ski Hills in the Great Northwest

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See if you can find it?

Introducing the new Camouflage Rolla Roasters!

It’s the season for unique gifts! Three new hydrographic colors in both Folding Fork and the original Rolla Roaster.  The wooden handles are hydro dipped to give more unique color options to all who are looking for the perfect gift for friends and family.

Hydro dipped rolla roasters

The first is the camouflage color this would be great gift for any of your hunter friends especially if they want the challenge of setting down their camping fork in the woods and having to find it. I guess it would be best used in snow. This would be the perfect gift for anyone who ever loves camo. That family member whose favorite store is REI or Cabbalas, this is what would be best for them.  Camouflage is the style now, and always has been in Idaho, join the trend!


Then we have the new “Muddy Girl” color for all those girls (and guys) who like the pink camouflage. It’s not as easy to lose as the regular camouflage camping fork with the pink highlights. I think this was invented for those outdoorsy girls who like to look stylish with whatever outdoor activity they are doing. I can just see this being perfect for my friend who loves to ski in the backcountry. She could just take a break, start a campfire, have some lunch and then continue on.

Muddy Girl color or the Folding Fork and Rolla Roaster

And for all those Star Wars fans out there. The new Digital Camouflage colors reminds me of Star Wars and could fit in as part of the series. Maybe a new and improved version of the lightsaber.  Maybe don’t go skiing with this one you might leave it in the snow and never see it again because it could blend right in!

Hydro dipped rolla roasters- digital camo color

For a limited time, from now until Christmas, we are offering free shipping if you buy 2 or more Camouflage Folding Forks.

Rolla roaster-Folding fork new hydro colors


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Represent Your Team

Football Season is Here

In America, we slay footballs with our hands, and we’ve been doing it since 1869. Whether you’re a professional watcher or a half time flag football player, football is an American tradition. Here at Rolla Roaster, we take tradition pretty seriously. For that reason for a limited time, you can customize your Rolla Roaster set to represent your team. #repyourteam

team colors

Not only do we love football, we also love the things that football represents. Hard work, dedication, loyalty, and team spirit, we’ve got spirit! However you slice it, football is a culture of community—both on the field and off. It’s a chance to spend time with friends and loved ones, while you root for your team. Together, we laugh, we yell, we cheer, we ugly cry. But no matter what we do, we stick by our team—through good times and bad. And whether your team is NFL, your Alma Mater, or your high school champs, you can find any color combination and customize your set of rolla roasters for your next tailgate or camping adventure.

Rolla Roaster Color Line Up

Usually, each set includes two Rolla Roasters of the same color. But since we’ve always got your back, you can customize your Rolla Roasters by selecting two different colors. So pick wise, and pick proud.

customize team colors

This football season get ready to tailgate and after the game go back to , these customized Rolla Roasters are the perfect gift for the “World’s Biggest Fan” in your life. Or maybe even that rival-team fan you somehow still call “friend”—if you can stomach it. With their slim profile, Rolla Roasters make great stocking stuffers, too. Just think… by customizing your set now, you can stuff your face later, with perfect, golden roasted marshmallows and plump, juicy dogs. It’s a win-win.  This isn’t Little Leagues, and winning is everything. Either way, show up to the next game with these bad boys and tailgate in style. You might even spark a new American tradition.


rep your team

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Flannels and Fair Days

Have you ever thought of what makes each season or each town unique?

Autumn is a great season of change. School starts up again, the blistering heat of summer fades, cheers from the football game can be heard, the leaves change color and above all it’s a great time reconnecting with friends and family at unique small town events.


Here in our hometown of Orofino, Idaho one of the main festivities in September is Lumberjack Days. Long before wearing flannels the trendy thing to do, the lumberjacks were rocking them here.

Lumberjack Days started in 1947 as a way to improve the county fair. I’m sure there’s way more history than that but 59 years later it’s still going strong. The carnival comes to town, the parades begin on Friday, there is activities all throughout Saturday and Sunday including all the 4-H kids bringing their animals to the barn, like any county fair. It seems to be a “family reunion” for the whole town, catching up with old friends and family.

On Saturday night is when they have horse pull competition where a team of 2 draft horses, will tow a sled of weighs up to 6,000 pounds. It’s impressive!

small-town-fun-Lumberjack-days-0175 small-town-fun-Lumberjack-days-0244

On Sunday the log show starts and it includes several different activities. Between when the professionals do their competition there is time for the youth to practice new log cuttings skills, working as teams, even the OCI royalty of Orofino got to practice team sawing in their crowns and white pants.

One of the best parts of the log show is watching the men climb up about 50 ft to the top of the poles. It is probably the most extreme event in the show. The guys warm up as if prepping for a race, they have their climbing gear on then when it’s time to start they literally run up the pole, secure themselves in at the top and saw a piece the log off. What impressed me most is how when one guy finished he just stayed up there and cheered on his opponent, “You can do it man! You’ve got this!”

I think that’s a great picture of the heart of these small town events.


This year was the first year I’ve been back for this great weekend in awhile, so I saw everything from a fresh perspective. It’s amazing the kinds of experiences are available right here in our own backyard.

What is just around the corner where you live? Get out and explore!

And if you ever find yourself in Idaho in September looking for a unique experience, don’t miss out on the Lumberjack Days!

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Assistive Outdoor Gear

Original marshmallow toasting fork shipping sale

The Rolla Roaster, the original marshmallow toasting fork, was designed specifically with ease of use in mind. Invented by a man who lost his arm at a young age and has subsequentally desigined products to make his life easier. The Rolla Roaster extends out to 42 inches long for those bonfire cooking sessions and collapses down to a mere 12 inches to pack easily away. The stainless steel cooking fork is easy to clean while the colorful heat-resistant handle keeps your hand comfortable. The coup de grâce for this barbeque fork is the rotisserie knob set into the handle that lets you easily turn your food for a perfect toasted finish. The Folding Camping Fork is the hardcore version of a normal barbeque fork. This fold back safety fork also features a rotisserie turning knob, stainless steel fork, and telescopes out to 48 inches.

Folding Camping Fork Shipping Sale

There is a myriad of companies offering gear specifically designed for amputees or people with disabilities. Adaptive Outdoorsman offers fishing, hunting and camping gear designed to assist one-handed people in participating in outdoor sports. Their assistive fishing section includes a Power Caster, Ty-All, and Anglers Aid. They also offer a fishing pole holder for a wheelchair. Inde Tools offers the  Maddox Knife  which is designed for people with limited hand strength or only one hand to easily use, as well as Finnegan’s Fly Tool and the PocketDresser. Enabling Technologies designs products specifically for disabled athletes such as monoskis, outriggers, and waterskiis. Wheelin’ Sportsmen provides a directory of companies which provide gear specifically for amputees.

Disabled Sports USA offers training and equipment for over forty different sports. These include the popular summer sports of water skiing, mountain biking, and golf. It even offers a link to Great Wheelchair Accessible Hikes. Assistive gear for water skiing includes an outrigger or quad back to provide more stability and a Delgar sling which allows a one-handed person to still used the ski rope. A single ski, two skis with a “ski” leg or a sit-ski can be used for people with one leg.

The original marshmallow toasting fork comes in 13 different colors

For more information on the Rolla Roaster and the Folding Camping Fork please visit