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Family Campfire Games

There’s something about having the family around the campfire, toasting food, and enjoying life. One way to bring everyone together that is fun for all ages is to play family-friendly games.

The Rolla Roaster favorite…

Marshmallow Maverick– See who can toast their marshmallow and peel off the outer, crispy layer the most times.

20 Questions– One person thinks of an object and the others have 20 questions to guess what it is. A fun, outdoors variation is to think of things from nature or interesting things you encountered on your adventures that day.

Name the Song– Have someone whistle or sing the first few lines of a song and the person in the hot seat gets to guess it.

Chubby Bunny– Participants put marshmallows in their mouths and say “chubby bunny”, putting more marshmallows in and repeating the phrase until you can no longer understand them. The winner is the person who can say “chubby bunny” and be understood with the most marshmallows in their mouth.

Two Truths and a Lie– Each person says three things and everyone tries to guess which are the two truths and which is the lie. It’s a great way to get to know new people!The Rolla Roaster- America's favorite toasting fork- telescopes out to a safe and easy cooking distance of 42 inches!

Remember to pack your favorite campfire toasting tool- the Rolla Roaster. This marshmallow toasting fork has a telescoping rod and a rotisserie knob set into the handle for easy cooking. Your kids will love the bright colors and the safety-monitor in the family with love the length of the fork and the safe packing case!

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Top Idaho Hot Springs

Weir Creek hot springs along Highway 12 in northern Idaho is a great place to have a cookout with your Rolla Roaster!

Need some natural hot springs to relax this summer? Here are the best natural hot springs in Idaho. No entrance fees- just wilderness.

Weir Creek Hot Springs- 73 miles east of Kamiah along Highway 12. These toasty pools are set above a small creek and surrounded by trees. The hot springs are just a half mile walk along a path above the western bank of the creek. Park in the pull-off just east of milepost 142. Weir Hot Springs- east of Kamiah along Highway 12- these hot spring pools are free of crowds and fees.

More great Idahoan hot springs…

Council Mountain Hot Springs- 36 miles southwest of McCall

Trail Creek Hot Springs- 19 miles northeast of Cascade

Skinnydipper Hot Springs- 4 miles east of Banks


Don’t forget to take your Rolla Roaster for your apr├Ęs soaking campfire cookout!

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