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Family Camping Fun

Rolla Roasters on sale this 4th of July in the Patriot Pack
Rolla Roasters on sale this 4th of July in the Patriot Pack
America’s favorite roasting tool features a stainless steel fork that telescopes out to 42″ for easy campfire cooking.

Summer camping season is in full swing, just in time to join in the fun with the Great American Backyard Campout in support of the National Wildlife Foundation. Pledge to camp out on Saturday, June 28th and $2 will be donated to the National Wildlife Foundation in your name to protect the American wildlife and lands that you love. Their website also has great tips about camping, songs and stories, recipes and games that your family will love.

After you sign up to spend a night under the stars this weekend make sure you’re ready for that campfire cookout with your original marshmallow toasting fork- the Rolla Roaster! America’s favorite roasting stick is on sale until July 4th in celebration of Independence Day. The Patriot Pack- three sets of the Rolla Roaster in red, white, and blue- is just $30!

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Outdoorsy Father’s Day Gift

Still don’t have the perfect gift for your favorite guy this Father’s day? Why not get him the ultimate campfire cooking tool? The Rolla Roaster offers a luxury camp cooking experience with easy, relaxed style.

The original marshmallow toasting fork features a double-pronged stainless steel cooking fork which extends from 12 inches to 48 inches. The Rolla Roaster is as easy to use on a backyard barbeque as over a campfire. The rotisserie turning knob set into the hardwood handle allows for an easy cooking experience after a hard day of  play. BONUS- Two Rolla Roasters come in each set so you can share in the ultimate campfire cooking experience.

Forget about choosing which color of tie to buy your dad….choose one of thirteen colors to get a Father’s Day gift that will be his new favorite camp cooking tool. Rolla Roasters, the ultimate campfire cooking tool in all 13 colors with packaging

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Best Camping Ideas

Both the barbeque fork and the original marshmallow toasting fork are a great asset to have when cooking food over a campfire.
The barbeque fork and the Rolla Roasters- the original marshmallow toasting forks- will take your campfire cooking experience to the next level.

You’ll definitely want to check out the Buzzfeed article- 41 Genius Camping Hacks- before your next camping trip! The Rolla Roaster favorites are upgraded recipes to use with your original marshmallow toasting fork…S’moreos for the kids and Bailey’s dipped toasted marshmallows for the adults. Plus, how to remove a tick, reduce itching from mosquito bites, and smart packing ideas. Check out our website for other great family camping ideas at

The Folding Camping Fork is a sturdy barbeque fork that you will definitely want to get in your camping arsenal before heading off on your next trip. This hard-core cousin to the Rolla Roaster, the original marshmallow toasting fork, can hold up under heavy cooking loads and folds up neatly into a carrying case. Designed to be the most compact and versatile barbeque fork on the market the Folding Camping Fork extends from 7.8″ to 48″, has a heat resistant handle, and a rotisserie turning knob.

Barbeque folding forks are easy to use and safely stored away for a fantastic campfire cooking experience.

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