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The Coolest Invention of 2013

Rolla Roaster Springtime Sale

It’s the springtime Rolla Roaster sale! Buy six sets of the original marshmallow toasting fork and get one free. Buy four folding forks and get one free.  Use promo code “SPRING”.

Rolla Roaster Springtime Sale- buy 6 sets, get one free!

If you’re checking out the Rolla Roaster- the original marshmallow toasting fork that turns easily with a rotisserie knob set into a hardwood handle- you must be a fan of cool inventions that make life easier.

Therefore you should know about one of the most noteworthy inventions of the year of 2013. The GravityLight, created by Deciwatt, was named as one of the top 25 inventions of 2013 by TIME Magazine and was the winner of Popular Science’s 2013 Invention Award. This light is “an innovative way of generating light and low levels of power from gravity. It takes only 3 seconds to lift the weight that powers GravityLight, creating 25 minutes of light on its descent.” In our world where almost a quarter of the population has no reliable access to electricity this a game changer.

Check out the blog next week to learn how to make your own camping lantern.

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Local Idaho Products

Rolla Roasters, the barbeque forks that rotate and telescope.
Overlooking the Rolla Roaster "factory" in Orofino, Idaho
View overlooking Orofino, Idaho- the hometown of the Rolla Roaster since 1980

Hey northern Idaho! I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the local businesses in your communities are making some pretty cool products. Buying locally not only helps you to be connected to your community but it also benefits local businesses and is generally more sustainable for the Earth. Besides checking out the local farmer’s markets and window shopping in your area here are some great businesses in northern Idaho:

Rolla Roasters, designed and produced in Orofino, Idaho, were originally invented in 1980 and have continued to be produced on the banks of the Clearwater River by local people ever since. These original marshmallow toasting forks have been joined by their hardy version the Folding Camping Fork– both continue to amplify the campfire cooking experience to be extraordinary.

Cowgirl Chocolates have been produced in Moscow, Idaho since 1997. These tasty treats have  won a total of 19 product awards. Cowgirl Chocolates has also been featured on the Food Network on “Unwrapped” and “Extreme Cuisine” and on CNBC “On the Money”. They have also been written up in the New York Times, InStyle, the Toronto Star among others.

Mary Janes Farm Magazine is written by a long-term Idaho resident. This northern Idaho magazine offers tips on organic solutions to household issues, fun projects, and healthy recipes.

There are plenty more local businesses that produce high-quality goods in northern Idaho. Don’t be afraid to buy local and see wht your neighbors are making. Support your local community and reap the personal benefits of high-quality products from close to home.

Rolla Roasters, the barbeque forks that rotate and telescope.

Visit for information on the original marshmallow toasting forks and more!

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Best Idaho Spring Camping Trips

Spring backpacking and camping trip up Rapid River in Idaho.

Are you ready to get out there and start camping but your favorite spots are closed until summer? Check out these early season hikes around Idaho.

The Rapid River trail in North Central Idaho is an easy trail that runs throughthe Rapid River valley. Turn onto Rapid River Road 4.5 miles south of Riggins on US-95 drive for 3 miles where you will reach the trailhead. The parking lot at the end of the road by the fish hatchery. This is a great early season hike with plenty of dry camp sites you’ll find this trail provides a peaceful backpacking venue. A great reference book is Hiking Idaho by Ralph Maughan and Jackie Johnson Maughan.

Spring backpacking and camping trip up Rapid River in Idaho.
Spring camping trip on the Rapid River Trail in Idaho.

Hells Canyon, one of the more popular Idaho destinations, is open year-round via Pittsburg Landing. The turn off is south of White Bird in North Central Idaho.  According to Pittsburg Landing near White Bird provides a boat launch ramp into Hells Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America and access to the 652,488 acres of Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. A campground, restrooms and trail head complete the site. The gravel road from Hwy. 95 to Pittsburg Landing is narrow and winding but is frequently maintained. It offers spectacular views into the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. The Snake River National Recreation Trail # 102 is 26 miles long going upriver, best in spring or fall, takes you up the river to the Historic Kirkwood Ranch after just 6 miles.

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Check out Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve outside of Arco. This national preserve offers an otherworldly experience with its lava tubes and lunar like craters. Hiking and camping are the main draws with a visitor center offering films, exhibits, and activities. Some other early season trip options include: Sawtooth National Forest, Nat-Soo-Pah Hot Springs, & Thousand Springs Scenic Byway.

Happy Camping! Check out for other camping tips.