Cooking with Rolla Roasters on a Camping Trip

Stock up on Camp Cooking Gear Now!

Winter weather got you down? There’s nothing better to beat the winter blues than planning your next big trip! Now is the best time to stock up on gear for next season. Online retailers like […]

Toasting marshmallows over a campfire with Rolla Roasters.

Upgrade your S’mores

Nothing says camping like S’mores- but after a while the plain old graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate sandwich can get boring. Upgrade your S’mores with these tasty tricks. The best way to cook your marshmallows […]

Rolla Roasters- the original marshmallow toasting forks.

Shout Out to Creativity and Innovation

The Rolla Roaster, the original marshmallow toasting fork, was created by innovation and creativity. The rotisserie knob in the handle lets you toast your food over the fire with minimal effort instead of hurting your […]

Red and pink Rolla Roaster- the original marshmallow toasting fork- are perfect gifts for your outdoorsy sweetheart.

Fireside Valentine’s Day

Looking for something to do with your honey on Valentine’s Day? There’s nothing better than curling up next to a warm fire on a cold winter’s night for a romantic evening. What will make it […]