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Gift Wrapping for Presents

Rolla Roaster, the original marshmallow toasting fork.

Still need some holiday gifts? Don’t know what to get your friend or family member who loves camping and the outdoors? Look no further, you’ve found the perfect gift! Both the Rolla Roaster, the original marshmallow toasting fork that rotates, and the Folding Camping Fork are great gifts for nature-lovers. We’ll even gift wrap and send your present for you!

Rolla Roaster, the original marshmallow toasting fork.

You don’t need to go out and fight the shopping mob in the stores this Black Friday. You won’t even need to wrap these gifts! The Rolla Roaster and Folding Camping Fork can be ordered pre-wrapped for you. Every gift-wrapped order comes with a hand-written gift card. We will nestle your gift in a bed of grass and sprinkle it with candy before wrapping the box in festive paper. We’ll even put a bow on it for you!

(This option is available year-round on orders from

A rainbow of options for the heat-resistant handles of the Rolla Roaster, the original marshmallow toasting fork.

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Family Camping Gear

A Rolla Roaster with a campfire in the background.
A Rolla Roaster with a campfire in the background.
A Rolla Roaster with a wood-stained, heat-resistant handle. All Rolla Roasters have a rotisserie turning knob and a stainless steel toasting fork.

Thanks to Kate Bayless for her Rolla Roaster shout-out in a recent article on family camping: “Gear Girl Fall Family Camping.”

The original marshmallow toasting forks featured in the “Food Fun” section along with other kid-friendly camping supplies. According to Bayless, “theoretically, you could have a whole meal on these sticks with zero clean up.” Rolla Roasters, the telescoping barbeque forks that rotate, are available for sale from retailers such as REI, LL Bean or directly from CMS Manufacturing.

Check out “Gear Girl Fall Family Camping” for the best gear to take on a family camping trip at

 Visit the Rolla Roaster website ( for special holiday deals and gift wrapping!


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Home of the Rolla Roaster

Northern Idaho scenic beauty

The idea of the Rolla Roaster was conceived and made real in the Clearwater River valley of northern Idaho. The Rolla Roaster, the original marshmallow toasting fork that rotates, are still produced and distributed by a small business in its hometown of Orofino. The region draws tourists from around the world for its fishing and hunting opportunities as well as the 77 miles of curves that is Highway 12. Enjoy these photos from a drive along the National Wild and Scenic River corridor and into the woods- the natural habitat of the Rolla Roaster.

Visit to purchase your rotating barbeque forks. Order now and be ready for the holiday gift-giving season!

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Your Rolla Roaster Stories

A happy camper using his Rolla Roaster.

The Rolla Roaster- the original telescoping marshmallow toasting stick that rotates.

Rolla Roasters

The Rolla Roaster now comes in thirteen colors!

Have you taken your Rolla Roasters with you on a fantastic trip? Do you have an interesting story about using your Rolla Roasters? Share you stories with us and it may be highlighted on our blog! Here is some feedback from our customers:

From Wyatt- Oct 23rd, 2013:

“Just wanted to share our first time use of our Rolla Roaster….I have some fellow co-workers saying they’ll place some orders. Thank you. Great product.”

Check out Wyatt’s trip story at

A happy camper using his Rolla Roaster.

Wyatt on a recent camping trip in British Columbia.

Cooking with Rolla Roasters

Photos courtesy of Wyatt McNulty

From Laura :

“I love my folding RollaRoaster fork.  I have used it in all the ordinary ways – camping, backyard fire pit, backpacking.

My most unusal (sic) usage was when I had something roll into the small space between the stove and refrigerator – 48″ of RollaRoaster to the rescue!”

Rolla Roaster Folding Camping ForkThe Rolla Roaster Folding Camping Fork folds down to 7.5 inches and telescopes out to 48 inches!

Please visit for product reviews and to see our holiday season deals!

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Great Campfire Desserts

You’re out camping with your family or friends and you’ve settled down for the evening in front of a campfire. You have, of course, brought along your Rolla Roasters- the original marshmallow toasting forks- so you pull them out and leisurely cook your dinner over the campfire. You normally have s’mores for dessert but tonight you really want to impress your fellow campers… then you’ll love these made-for-camping recipes. They are fun, easy and kids will love them! And you can always still toast those marshmallows with your Rolla Roasters to make s’mores, because who doesn’t love two desserts?

S’mores Pie

IS'mores Piengredients:

1 package instant chocolate pudding

1 pouch Dream Whip instant topping

1/3 c instant milk powder

6-8 graham crackers

1/3 c miniature marshmallows

2 & 1/4 c water

Before you leave home:

Package the pudding, Dream Whip and milk powder; the graham crackers; and the marshmallows in separate plastic bags.

At camp:

Break up the graham crackers and place them in the bottom of a pan. Pour the pudding mixture into  wide-mouth Nalgene bottle, or sturdy plastic bag, and add 2 to 2 and 1/4 cups of cool water. Close the container tightly and shake until the mixture thickens. Pour the pudding over the graham crackers, top with marshmallows, and let sit for a few minutes before eating. This easy recipe serves 2 to 4 people and is great for kids to help with!

Rolla Roaster tip:

Toast large marshmallows on the fire with your Rolla Roasters and put them on top of the pie.

Stuffed Peaches

Grilled PeachesIngredients:


Toppings: marshmallows, nuts, berries, butter, chocolate chips, cinnamon…

Before you leave home:

Pack ingredients in separate bags. Make sure that the peaches won’t get squished!

At camp:

Slice peaches in half, fill with toppings, and wrap in tin foil. Cook over the campfire or on hot coals for about 5 minutes. Pack ingredients according to number of peach-lovers.

Banana Boats

banana boatIngredients:

2 T miniature marshmallows

2 T chocolate chips

2 T chopped nuts

2 T dried cherries

2 unpeeled bananas

Before you leave home:

Package the ingredients separately in plastic snack bags. Leave the bananas out.

At camp:

Slice the bananas, leaving the skin intact, in half lengthwise. Fill each banana with half of the ingredients and put the two halves back together. Wrap up each banana in tin foil and put them on the hot cols for about 20 minutes. Serves 2.


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